Rainforest Days

Last year we packed our house into our car and moved across the country towards the tropical sun and rainforest hills.  If you’d told me I’d be living in a tiny apartment next to a shopping centre I would have laughed out loud.

I miss the overnight crisp, dewy smell the bush leaves out for you.  Morning coffee in your hand as the kangaroos prepare to say their goodnights.  I miss our magazine ready house, with its concrete floors and exposed steel beams.  I miss the solitude.  The distance between our neighbours and how it only brought us closer.  These are all tucked away in my heart for those rainy days.

Let me be clear though, I am falling more in love with the Gold Coast every single day.  There have been moments of forgetfulness where all I see is row upon row of cars and masses of people




Then there are days like yesterday.  A family escape up the mountain, exploring the rainforest and realising there are gigantic ferns here, and this is bliss!  It’s like jumping into Ferngully, and there are few daydreams I’d prefer.

Spending time in nature with my family is bliss like no other.  It’s the reminder that my heart is with that country life.  Tucked away for those rainy days.  What I’ve realised though is that exploration is a core part of my spirit and that as a family these rainforest adventures can nourish our souls.

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