Are you Handcuffed by your Limiting Beliefs?

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This morning I woke up and started my usual Miracle Morning and I felt deep clarity.  I often spend about 10 minutes journalling and today’s session started off reinforcing my self-belief and how excited I am about this year and then jumped to writing about a pending playdate with K-man at my friend’s pool.  Initially, it wasn’t very deep, just random surface level thoughts, until out of nowhere this fear came up around taking my little monkey in the pool.  I’ve never done that before, what if I can’t keep him safe, I’m not a strong swimmer, it was overwhelming fear-based propaganda.  I was sitting in a deep space of fear until it almost seamlessly shifted to a massive realisation.  This was not about my capabilities in the pool, it was about my limiting beliefs.  From a young age I was told by my mother I was an extremely weak swimmer, it was drilled into me.  This was not malicious, it was genuinely her belief, and I let it become my belief, despite contrary evidence like completing my bronze medallion at 16.  I’ve carried this limiting belief around with me, and I have let it limit how I interact with water.  I can’t learn to surf, what if I drown?  Pretty restricting don’t you think?



After I journalled on this I discussed it with Rowan and then thinking I had delved deep enough into this uncomfortable topic I attempted to move on to something else.  Little did I know it was just about to slap me in the face again.

I opened a book, A Year of Living Consciously by Gay Hendricks with daily practices for living consciously and it blindsided me.  Today’s practice invited the reader to reflect on what dominant traits your family/friends reinforced in you at a young age, how did they define you then and how do they define you now?  Woah!  If that isn’t my intuition shouting out at me, I don’t know what is, talk about trusting yourself.  This is why I love meditation, and journaling, when I am unsure how to connect to my intuition it reinforces I am on the right path!  When you need to explore something, signs will appear and they will stem from within you.  I am discovering this more and more every day.

I urge you to meditate and journal, and look within for your answers.  The truth can be astounding, the more time I spend within the more wisdom I discover.  It is reshaping my future and allowing me to let go of my past.

Today I challenge you to try the practice above.  What beliefs about yourself came from your family and friends as a child?  Do they have you in handcuffs?  Are they really true?  Are you still carrying them around?  Take a look at them, what would happen if you let them go?

Trust your answers, your internal guidance system knows exactly what you need.

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